Free chocolate bunny treat bag!  Download it by clicking HERE.
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Download Here
Free Easter Basket Designs!

Just sew the designs on organza fabric, cut them out and zig-zag stitch them together (or you can even just hot glue them together! :)

FREE - Sew-in-the-Hoop Mitten Treat Bag Design!
This design is simply the outer seam of the mitten and works great for
sewing on printed felt.  We used sparkly felt for this one, and added
a ribbon and bow with a hot glue gun.  Perfect for treats, gift cards, and
to make ornaments with!

We love bringing new free designs to you, and we hope you'll help us to continue to do this by browsing our site or by clicking on a Google ad! :)
IMPORTANT NOTES:  This design may be sewn as a regular embroidery design and not a treat bag by simply not sewing the last color.  Color numbers after color name are for Madeira rayon thread.

File Name: irish001treatbag
3.81" x 3.84"
96.8 x 97.6 mm
Stitches: 7188
Colors: 4

Begin by hooping one piece of felt and a piece of tear-away stabilizer.

1.  green - 1251
2.  lt. green - 1302
3.  dk. green - 1351 - After this color is sewn, place another piece of felt beneath the hoop and continue sewing the design.
4.  white - 1001 - This doesn't have to be white, but should be the color of the felt you're using to sew the design on.

After the last color is sewn, remove the design from the hoop and cut away excess felt from around the outside of the seam.
Download Here