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Hopefully you'll find answers to your questions below.  However, if you don't, you can call me (Janet) at: 970-620-0011.  This number is my cellphone, so please keep in mind there may be times I may not be able to answer due to no service or a dead battery.  We do check our email several times throughout the day, so the best way to contact us is through email.  My email address is:  janet@goldenneedledesigns.com

Click on the links below for help:

Can't Open Designs:

Have you unzipped the files?  If not, and you're not sure how to do this, click HERE.

Are you trying to open the designs on a computer that doesn't have your embroidery software installed?  If so, use the computer your embroidery software is on to open the designs.

If you have unzipped the files, and still cannot open them with your software, make sure the right type of file is selected in the "files of type:" box when you're trying to open the files.

Did you download the correct format?  If not, the files may not show up.  If this is the case, simply email us and let us know which format you use, and we'll email the files to you.

Can you open some of the files, but not all of them?  If this is the case, some of the files might be slightly too large for your machine.  If this is the case, we can re-size the design for you, if you write and let us know which design, and which format you use.  State in your message that you need the design re-sized because it won't fit in your hoop.

Where to Download the Files You've Purchased:

To download designs you've purchased, log in to your account on our website by clicking on "Log In" in the top menu on our home page.  Next, click "My Account".  From there you can view past purchases and download the designs after clicking "View".  The download links may expire after a certain time period.  If this happens, simply send an email to: janet@goldenneedledesigns and ask me to re-activate your download links.  It's always a good idea to download your designs immediately and save them to your computer, a disc or a flash drive.

Problems Logging In to Website:

If you're having problems logging in to the website, click HERE.

Unzipping Files:

Click HERE to learn how to unzip files.