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The Trapunto Quilt Collection consists of twelve designs that are sew-in-the-hoop quilt blocks.
These quilt blocks are finished once the design is sewn and cut out.
You merely have to sew them together on the sewing machine after that using a zig zag stitch.
There are twelve more designs included that are not sew-in-the-hoop designs, but are made to be sewn on a quilt.  These are the design only with no outside border.

All designs include three different sizes:  
one for the 4x4 hoop (3.91" x 3.91"),
one for 6x10 hoops (5.9" x 5.9") and 
one for commercial hoops 8" x 8" or larger (8.01" x 8.01"). 

Shown above are the sew-in-the-hoop designs

Shown above are the designs with no outer border


New Collection

The Busy Bunny Playset includes designs to make the items shown in the pictures here.
They are mostly sew-in-the-hoop designs;
 some hand stitching required to sew openings closed on the bunnies.
There are designs to make 3 bunnies: Pa Bunny, MaMa Bunny and Baby Bunny.
 As well as chairs, table, food, pitchfork, spade, basket and garden.

Every design has two sizes:
One to make the smaller playset (each design will fit in the 4" x 4" hoop),
and a larger size playset (each design will fit in a 5" x 7" hoop). 
This set is very easy to make and so fun to play with.
Instructions are included.
Watch instructional videos HERE


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