Trapunto Quilt Collection Machine Embroidery Designs


The Trapunto Quilt Collection consists of twelve designs that are sew-in-the-hoop quilt blocks.  These quilt blocks are finished once the design is sewn and cut out.  You merely have to sew them together on the sewing machine after that using a zig zag stitch.  There are twelve more designs included that are not sew-in-the-hoop designs, but are made to be sewn on a quilt.  These are the design only with no outside border.  All designs include three different sizes:  one for the 4x4 hoop (3.91" x 3.91"), one for 6x10 hoops (5.9" x 5.9") and one for commercial hoops 8" x 8" or larger (8.01" x 8.01").  These are so easy to make!  Just watch the videos below.  Included with your purchase are instructions for making the bath mat shown below.

Shown below are the sew-in-the-hoop designs:

Shown below are the designs with no outer border:

Below are examples of how the designs can be used:


Instructional videos:

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