Wildlife Wonders Machine Embroidery Designs Collection


The Wildlife Wonder Collection includes ten magnificent machine embroidery designs for a 5x7 hoop or larger.  These designs were artfully created and have realistic detail.  Not only do they look great, but they sew out well also.  Make sure to use a heavy weight stabilizer when sewing these.  If you don't have heavy weight stabilizer, you can use two - three pieces of medium weight stabilizer. 

You will also receive printable background images to print on fabric, which compliment the designs nicely.  The printable images are 8" x 10.5".  You can print them using any normal printer.  Just soak your fabric in Bubble Jet Set 2000 first and lay flat to dry.  Press the fabric on to the shiny side of freezer paper, then you can run it through your printer.  I was so scared to try this at first.  But, it worked fine!  The fabric looks good and my printer is just fine! :)  Use a cotton fabric for this.  When printing the background images, select "high" quality printing in your printer's software options.  After printing the fabric, let it dry completely, then rinse with cold water and a cap full of Bubble Jet Set 2000.  Keep in mind the images are much more vibrant before rinsing as a small amount of the ink will wash out.  That's why the images will look very saturated with color when printing.  If you don't want to make printable fabric, you can buy pre-made printable fabric sheets.  Here are links through Amazon where you can buy these products:
When the designs are sewn on the printed background fabric, they would be wonderful in a quilt.  Here's an idea (which I'm going to try!):  Make a quilt with the designs, using a barnwood fabric in between the blocks!  Below are some fabrics you can purchase from Amazon:


I've also included templates you can print and cut out to help place the designs exactly where you want them on the fabric.
Watch the video below to learn helpful tips for printing and embroidering.

For design information, click HERE.

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